Class 2

Understanding Charts II


Adapting to the Market


​New as of 8/2/2018

Level 2



All Day Hold Classes

Volatility ETF/ETN's

Managing Risk/Summer

Class 3

Small Account Reset

Why I Am Not Active After 11:00 am

Trading ETF's Part 2

Most Common New Trader Mistakes Part 1

Using Stop Losses

New as of 8/30/2018



Swing Trading The AverageJoe Way Classes

Opening Range Trades Cont.

New as of 6/21/2018

Education Webinars

Class 7

​New as of 6/5/2018

​New as of 6/26/2018

Session 5

Trading ETF's Part 3

Coming Back After A Loss

Combating Overtrading

The Importance of Risk Mgt.

​New as of 6/19/2018

Opening Range Trades Cont.

New as of 6/14/2018

Planning a Trade

Trading the News

New as of 9/20/2018

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Reflection in Action

Understanding Liquidity

Knowing Your Limitations

Class 1

Small Account Execution

The Reversal Strategy In Action

Class 4

Session 2

Opening Range Trades

New as of 6/8/2018

Reading Price Action

Order Types


Filtering Out The Noise

Making Adjustments

Letting Winners Run

Stock Market Basics

Session 6

The Process/Scanning

New as of 5/24/2018

Class 6

What To Do When The Market is Dead

The Power of 30

The Foundation

Session 3

Session 1

Strategy/watchlist session

Updates Every Week!

Psychological Errors That Can Cost You Money

Technical Analysis Cont.

New as of 5/31/2018

 Risk Mgt./The Rest of the Story

Execution is Worshiped

Working With Think or Swim 2 / ADH

Trading Earnings II

New as of 10/4/2018

The MACD Unboxed

Day Trading The AverageJoe Way Classes

​New as of 5/23/2018

Class 8

Working With Think or Swim I

The Trader's Mindset

Public Video

Class 5

Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly

​New as of 6/12/2018

Position Sizing

All Day Holds

The Continuation

​New as of 7/26/2018

Support & Resistance

Session 4

Trading ETF's Part 1

Day Trading For Beginners

Class 9

Preventing Emotional Trading

Position Sizing

Trading Earnings

New as of 9/27/2018

The Reversal Strategy

New as of 8/16/2018

The Reversal Strategy II

New as of 8/23/2018

Indices and Sectors

Small Account Program

Choosing The Right Stocks

The Truth About Emotions

​Fear & Greed

Scaling Out of Trades

Understanding Charts